Bear in the Big Blue House is a television program for adults and children produced for the Playhouse Disney channel by Mitchell Kriegman and The Jim Henson Company. It first aired in 1997.

In 2004, The Jim Henson Company sold the Bear in the Big Blue House franchise to The Walt Disney Company. The characters and show are currently owned and operated by the Disney subsidiary, The Muppets Studio.


Bear, a curious bear with a good sense of smell, lives in the Big Blue House with his friends Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, Shadow, and Luna. They are very different in appearance but the same at heart. He and his friends have many adventures together.


Main characters

  • Bear (performed by Noel MacNeal) - The protagonist of the series, he is a large bear who has a good sense of smell, very kind and lovable. He is tall and has light brown fur. He was designed by Paul Andrejco.
  • Tutter (performed by Peter Linz) - A small light blue mouse who loves cheese, he lives in a mousehole in the kitchen of Bear's house. He is considered the show's breakout character. He was designed and built by Paul Andrejco.
  • Pip and Pop (performed by Peter Linz and Tyler Bunch) - Two purple twin otters who live in the otter pond by the big blue house. They were designed by Paul Andrejco.
  • Ojo (performed by Vicki Eibner) - A curious red bear cub who has a wild imagination and is good friends with Treelo. She was designed and built by Paul Andrejco.
  • Treelo (performed by Tyler Bunch) - A white, blue, and green lemur who is playful, loves to dance, always active and is good friends with Ojo. He was designed by Paul Andrejco.
  • Shadow (performed by Peter Linz, voiced by Tara Mooney) - A shadow girl who is always laughing, telling stories, and sneaks up on Bear.
  • Luna (operated by Peter Linz, voiced by Lynne Thigpen) - A talking moon. At the end of every episode Bear walks out onto the balcony and discusses the episode's theme with her and sings "The Goodbye Song" with her at the end while a montage of the day's events play. She was designed by Paul Andrejco and built by Ed Christie. "Luna" means "moon" in Spanish and Italian and in French if spelled with an "e" on the end instead of an "a."
  • Ray (operated by Peter Linz, voiced by Geoffrey Holder) - A talking sun who would often rise (or set) at the beginning of some episodes, starting from Season Two. He will also occasionally tell Bear what the weather will be like throughout the day. He was designed by Paul Andrejco.

Supporting characters

  • Grandma Flutter (performed by Alice Dinnean in 1997-1998, Vicki Eibner in 1998-2003) - Tutter's grandmother who has a dance called "The Grandma Mambo". She has a granddaughter named Baby Blotter. She was designed by Paul Andrejco and built by Michael Schupbach and Kip Rathke.
  • Cousin Whiner (performed by Victor Yerrid) - One of Tutter's cousins.
  • Uncle "Jet Set Tutter" (performed by Tim Lagasse) - Tutter's uncle.
  • Henrietta Vanderpreen (performed by Vicki Eibner) - An ostrich who is the editor of Woodland House Wonderful, a magazine of interest to residents of Woodland Valley. She is a recycled version of Lydia the Ostrich from "Jim Henson's Animal Show".
  • Rita Mouse (performed by Anney McKilligan) - A mouse who attends Mouse School with Tutter. She needs some help with painting but is very good at soccer.
  • Harry the Duck (performed by Eric Jacobson) - A duck who has been seen several times through the show who addresses bear as "Mister Bear" and quacks repeatedly when he is upset. He was designed by Paul Andrejco.
  • Ursa (performed by Carmen Osbahr) - Bear's old friend from Spain that appeared twice in And to All a Good Night and You Never Know

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