Join Eddie,Emma,Jack,Koby, Mia,Sofie,and Tessa as they go on adventures

List of Episodes

  1. Teamwork Takes Talent - Location: Jungle
  2. Imagination Cures the Blues - Who didn't go: Mia and Koby
  3. Proud to Be You and Me - Location: Pig-a-lot palace
  4. Better Learn to Wait Your Turn - Location: the ship Who didn't go: Koby
  5. Carried Away and Back Again - Location: The farm
  6. Never Cheat to Beat - Location - the race track
  7. The Right(And Left)Stuff - Who didn't go: Tessa and Mia
  8. Just Compare Yourself to You
  9. Different Makes the Wool Go 'round - Who didn't go: Tessa and Mia
  10. A Walk In Someone Else's Hooves - Who didn't go: Eddie and Sofie
  11. One for All and All for Fun - Location: the airport Who didn't go: Mia
  12. If I Ruled Jungleland
  13. Sometimes Enough is Enough - Who Didn't go: Mia
  14. Roar in the Face of Fears - Who didn't go: Tessa
  15. Heading in the Right Direction
  16. Don't Be Selfish Said The Shellfish - Who didn't go: Koby
  17. Party Of One Is No Fun - Location: Circus
  18. Listening For Treasure - Who didn't go: Mia
  19. Being a Big Cheese Is Cheesy - Location: Resturant
  20. A Taste Of Her Own Medicine - Location: Carnival
  21. Nothing Wrong with Being Wrong
  22. Friendship Is a Two Way Tale - Location: Fairytale land
  23. Collecting Conclusion Clues
  24. You're Your Best When You're Yourself
  25. No Shortcuts to Responsibility
  26. Promises Promises - Who didn't go: Mia
  27. Swallowing Fears - Location: Big apple island Note: This is the first appearance of Jack
  28. Different Strokes for Different Folks - Who didn't go: Tessa and Mia Note: this is the first appearance of Emma
  29. The Many Colors of Kindness
  30. Two Heros Are Better Than One - Location: everywhere Who didn't go: everyone
  31. Don't Judge a Book by it's Sparkles - Location: the countryside Who didn't go: Mia Jack and Koby
  32. New Things Equal Cold Feet - Location: Snowland
  33. Me Myself and Eddie - Location: Everywhere Who didn't go: Everyone
  34. Never Too Late To Listen
  35. Bully Goat Gruff
  36. Working Together is Way Better
  37. Be True to You

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