Season 1: 2002-03[edit]

# Title Guest characters Written by Original airdate
1 "Ruby's Piano Practice / Max's Bath / Max's Bedtime" None Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris May 3, 2002
Ruby's Piano Practice: Ruby is practicing on the piano for an upcoming School Concert and Max can't find his firetruck. Ruby tries to get Max to play with other toys until Ruby finds that Max's firetruck was in the piano the whole time.

Max's Bath: Max gets messy, and Ruby decides to give him a bath, but Max has his lunch in the bath. After Ruby gives him a shower, Max points out the stains on her dress.Max's Bedtime: Max can't sleep until he finds his red rubber elephant. Later, he spies it must have been under his bed all this time.

2 "Hide and Seek / Max's Breakfast / Louise's Secret" Louise (not seen) Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris May 10, 2002
Hide and Seek: Max plays Hide and Seek with Ruby but he won't let her have a turn at hiding.

Max's Breakfast: Max isn't keen to eat his sunny-side-up egg and tries to hide it wanting strawberries instead. Max then manages to trick Ruby into eating the egg.Louise's Secret: Louise has a secret for Ruby on the telephone, but Max keeps interrupting Ruby with his loud toys. Max then hangs up so Ruby never learns the secret.

3 "Max Misses the Bus / Max's Worm Cake / Max's Rainy Day" Louise (debut) Kate Barris May 17, 2002
Max Misses the Bus : Ruby and Max are going to Louise's house, but Max wants to stay home. After Max makes them miss so many buses, Louise decides to come over at Max and Ruby's house.

Max's Worm Cake: Ruby wants to plant marigolds while Max has chosen to make a "worm cake". He uses all her marigold-planting materials in his worm cake, which proves to be good for the marigolds.Max's Rainy Day: Max wants to play in the rain. By the time Ruby outfits Max with rain clothes, the rain has stopped but Max puts the raincoats to good use with a garden hose

4 "Camp Out / Ruby's Clubhouse / Max's Picnic" Louise Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese May 24, 2002
Camp Out: Max and Ruby are having a camp out but Max wants to sleep outside the tent. They do just that, when Max stuffs the tent with toys.

Ruby's Clubhouse: Ruby and Louise build a clubhouse, but Max tries to sneak in when they're not in. Later, Ruby builds Max his own clubhouse.Max's Picnic: Ruby and Louise are birdwatching but Max wants a cupcake. He attracts a speckled warbler, feeds it his cupcake and shows it to Ruby and Louise.

5 "Max's Halloween / Ruby's Leaf Collection / The Blue Tarantula" Grandma, Louise Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese June 14, 2002
Max's Halloween: Max wants to be a Vampire for Halloween, but Ruby would rather have him a prince to go with her princess costume.

Ruby's Leaf Collection: Ruby begins a collection of leaves but Max keeps getting in the way of finding the big tooth Aspen leaf.The Blue Tarantula: Ruby reads Max a scary story of a blue tarantula, which makes him stay up. After he overcomes his fear, he scares Ruby.

6 "Ruby's Merit Badge / Max's Apple / Quiet, Max!" Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris June 28, 2002
Ruby's Merit Badge: Ruby wants to earn her First Aid merit badge and practices bandaging Max. Despite her failed practice, Ruby gets a merit badge, but not the one she expected.

Max's Apple: A song game on how to make apple pie inspires Max to want a barrel of apples, for a pie, of course.Quiet, Max!: Max and Ruby watch over Baby Huffington taking a nap, but Max wants to listen to the radio. While playing with a new doll, Ruby accidentally causes it to wake Baby Huffington.

7 "Max Cleans Up / Max's Cuckoo Clock / Ruby's Jewelry Box" Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Louise Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris July 4, 2002
Max Cleans Up: Ruby wants to help Max clean up his room, because of the yucky stuff and clutter. But Max stuffs the mess into his pocket instead.

Max's Cuckoo Clock: Ruby is babysitting Baby Huffington, but Max keeps playing with the Huffingtons' cuckoo clock.Ruby's Jewelry Box: Ruby and Louise are making a tiara but Max wants to look in Ruby's jewelry box and Ruby doesn't want him in her room. Despite her sign on the door to keep out, he uses it against her.

8 "Bunny Cakes / Bunny Party / Bunny Money" Mr. Piazza, Grandma, Candi, Rosalinda Kate Barris / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese July 11, 2002
Bunny Cakes: Ruby sends Max to get ingredients for Grandma's Angel Surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing. After many trips, Max finally gets in addition "Red Hot Marshmallow Squirters" for his Earthworm Cake.

Bunny Party: At Grandma's birthday party, Ruby has invited her dolls. To get his own toys into the party, Max disguises them as Ruby's dolls. NOTE: Max does not speak in this episode.Bunny Money: Ruby wants to buy a birthday present for Grandma, but her money gets wasted for Max's problems. Max and Ruby end up buying presents they can afford.

9 "Max's Birthday / Max's New Suit / Good Night Max" Louise (cameo), Martha, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Patrick Granleese July 18, 2002
Max's Birthday: Max opens his last birthday present to find a huge wind-up lobster but he prefers his wind up chicks. When Ruby catches the lobster, Max decides he likes it after all.

Max's New Suit: Ruby invites Max to her Bunny Scout party. Max initially does not want to wear his new suit, and after Ruby persuades him to, he puts it on incorrectly.Good Night, Max : Max keeps waking up to change his pajamas, because he did not like the one he was wearing . He keeps staining the ones Ruby makes him wear until he eventually gets the pajamas he wants. Ruby then gives him her Walkie-Talkie Bear to sleep with.

10 "Max's Christmas / Ruby's Snow Queen / Max's Rocket Run" Grandma, Louise, Roger (cameo) Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris July 25, 2002
Max's Christmas: On Christmas eve Max wants to stay up and see Santa, but Ruby won't let him stay up. Max gets his chance to meet him as he delivers the gifts. The next day Ruby is surprised to see both Max and the gifts downstairs.

Ruby's Snow Queen: Max wants to play with his new toy; A screaming green alien gorilla, while Ruby works on her Snow Queen. Then the gorilla vanishes, but Max finds it in the Snow Queen.Max's Rocket Run: Ruby, and Louise are going sledding down the big hill called the Rocket Run. But Max is told to go down the gentle slope, which is called Bunny Hill, but then he hitches a ride down the Rocket Run in Ruby's tobaggan.

11 "Max's Chocolate Chicken / Ruby's Beauty Shop / Max Drives Away" Easter Bunny, Louise, Grandma, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Froggy Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris August 1, 2002
Max's Chocolate Chicken: Max is on an egg hunt, but gets an opportunity to take and eat a chocolate chicken the Easter Bunny left. Ruby is exasperated until the Easter Bunny gives her a chocolate duck.

Ruby's Beauty Shop: Louise and Ruby decide to pretend they own a salon, and Max is their customer. Max takes over when Grandma wants a makeover.Max Drives Away: Max decides to drive to Grandma's house to have ice cream for breakfast and Ruby is hot on his trail.

12 "Ruby's Lemonade Stand / Ruby's Rummage Sale / Ruby's Magic Act" Louise, Mrs. Huffington, Unnamed Male and Female Rabbits, Rosalinda, Mr. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Grandma Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris August 8, 2002
Ruby's Lemonade Stand: Ruby and Louise are having a lemonade stand for Bunny Scouts. After trying hard, Max gets a nickel to buy a glass for himself.

Ruby's Rummage Sale: Ruby and Louise are having a rummage sale, but Max wants to keep the toys Ruby and Louise want to give away. Grandma buys them back for Max.Ruby's Magic Act: Louise and Ruby are performing magic tricks, but Max is captivated by their magic box and almost spoils their secrets.

13 "Max's Valentine / Ruby Flies a Kite / Super Max" Louise, Grandma Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / James Backshall March 14, 2003
Max's Valentine: Ruby and Louise make Valentines. Max wants to make a Valentine, but he's too little to use scissors and glue. Max mails a cherry-flavored Slime Dribbler to Grandma and comes back with her with a cake.

Ruby Flies a Kite: Ruby tries to fly a kite.Super Max: Sally Swims-A-Lot, Ruby's doll, goes missing, and Super Max (Max's alter-ego) must find her.

Season 2: 2003-04[edit]


  • Morris, Froggy and Roger are the only three characters introduced in this season.
  • This is the final season in which Samantha Morton voices Ruby.
# Title Guest characters Written by Original airdate
14 "Max's Work of Art / Max Meets Morris / Ruby's Scavenger Hunt" Louise, Grandma, Morris, Valerie, Martha, Bunny Scout Leader Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Briane Nasimok July 8, 2003
Max's Work of Art: After eating an art model, Max poses for Ruby and Louise so they paint two pictures of him. Later Max paints himself.

Max Meets Morris: Louise brings her little cousin Morris to meet Max. While Louise and Ruby make a banner for the Bunny Scout Picnic, Morris steals Max's dumptruck for himself.Ruby's Scavenger Hunt: In a Bunny Scout scavenger hunt, the last thing the Bunny Scouts need to find is a worm. Max finds a worm for the scavenger hunt.

15 "Ruby's Hiccups / The Big Picture / Ruby's Stage Show" Louise, Grandma Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe / Anita Kapila / Nicole Demerse July 15, 2003
Ruby's Hiccups: Ruby has the hiccups and Max can't find his monster mask. Grandma returns the Mask to him and scares Ruby and Louise which in the process removed Ruby's hiccups.

The Big Picture: Max and Ruby decide to take a picture to send to Grandma as a gift, but all Max wants to do is chase a butterfly.Ruby's Stage Show: Ruby and Louise have a stage show put on for Grandma but Max wants to play Dragon. Grandma thinks Max and his dragon mask would be wonderful in the show.

16 "Max's Froggy Friend / Max's Music / Max Gets Wet" Froggy, Grandma, Bumblebee (cameo), Valerie, Louise, Mr. Huffington (cameo) Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall July 22, 2003
Max's Froggy Friend: Max meets a frog, but Max and Ruby have to leave for a tea party they're having with Grandma. Max wants Froggy to come but Ruby thinks a tea party is no place for Froggies.

Max's Music: Ruby, Valerie, and Louise practice for the Bunny Scout Concert, playing "The Farmer in the Dell", but Max is interrupting with his toy tools to play music.Max Gets Wet: Max and Ruby water the dried garden. But Max wants to go swimming in his pool than fix the garden, despite that they had lunch already and he has to wait a half-hour.

17 "Ruby's Tea Party / Max Is It / Ruby's Science Project" Louise, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Nicole Demerse / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall July 29, 2003
Ruby's Tea Party: Ruby wants to have a tea party with her dollies, but Max wants to play pirates. Things get awry when Max uses Ruby's jewelry box as a treasure chest.

Max Is It: At the park Max is chosen to be it in a game of Freeze Tag and the girls are impossible for Max to tag. However, it doesn't take long for Max to come up with a plan to win.Ruby's Science Project: Ruby and Louise are doing a science project and Max wants candy. Max actually wants candy for a different reason than they thought.

18 "Ruby's Panda Prize / Ruby's Roller Skates / Ghost Bunny" Valerie, Mr. Piazza, Roger, the Huffingtons, Rosalinda, Louise, Grandma, Martha, Bunny Scout Leader James Backshall / John Slama / Kate Barris August 19, 2003
Ruby's Panda Prize: At the fair, Max wants jelly balls, but Ruby wants to win a prize panda. But with so many bunnies winning the prize, she doesn't seem to get one until Max wins one for her.

Ruby's Roller Skates: Ruby wants to learn how to roller-skate and is interrupted by Max who wants his lost Tow-a-Ton Tow Truck.Ghost Bunny: The Bunny Scouts are camping, telling ghost stories around the campfire complemented by s'mores. Max wants to hear the stories, but Ruby thinks they're too scary for him.

19 "Max's Bug Salad / Ruby's Beach Party / Super Max to the Rescue" Grandma, Rosalinda, Candi, Mrs. Huffington, Morris, Louise John Slama / James Backshall / James Backshall October 2, 2003
Max's Bug Salad: Max adds some candy bugs to Grandma's gelatin salad she makes for a tea party. Ruby is given full credit for making the salad, but she is shocked to see the candy bugs in the salad.

Ruby's Beach Party: Ruby and Louise want to have a beach party in Max and Ruby's sandbox while they wait for their swimming pool to warm up, only for Max and Morris to choose the same place to play Dump-truck.Super Max to the Rescue: Ruby and Louise play circus in the yard using their dolls and borrow Max's Red Rubber Elephant. Meanwhile Max plays "Super Bunny" but needs his elephant back.

20 "Max's Dragon Shirt / Max's Rabbit Racer / Roger's Choice" Louise, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Roger Patrick Granleese / James Backshall / Kate Barris October 9, 2003
Max's Dragon Shirt: Max and Ruby go to the shopping mall to buy Max new overalls, but Max wants a dragon shirt. Max sneaks away with a shirt getting it messed so Ruby just has to buy it.

Max's Rabbit Racer: Max plays with his Rabbit Racer while Ruby and Louise learn Baton-Twirling with Mrs. Huffington. Max's Rabbit Racer cars interrupt Ruby and Louise's practice.Roger's Choice: Ruby and Louise want to play with Roger but Max wants Roger to play cars with him. Eventually, Roger feels happier playing cars with Max.

21 "Ruby's Pajama Party / Baby Max / Bunny Scout Brownies" Louise, Valerie, the Huffingtons, Rosalinda, Mr. Piazza, Roger, Louise, Valerie, Candi Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall October 16, 2003
Ruby's Pajama Party: Ruby, Louise, and Valerie are having a pajama party. Max wants to come too, but it's a pajama party for girl bunnies only. Ruby eventually gives up and lets Max in.

Baby Max: Louise and Ruby try to get Max to pretend to be a baby, but Max doesn't want to; he'd rather go on the playground slide.Bunny Scout Brownies: Ruby is selling brownies for Bunny Scouts, but Max keeps sampling them.

22 "Max's Shadow / Max Remembers / Ruby's Candy Store" Valerie, Mr. Huffington, Candi James Backshall / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris October 23, 2003
Max's Shadow: Ruby and Valerie are trying to make a ballerina poster, but it isn't working out. Max is playing with his shadow, which keeps disappearing in the sun.

Max Remembers: Max can't remember why he had tied string to his finger. Ruby looked around the house for chores and ends up doing them for Max and all the time Max's string was for a yoyo.Ruby's Candy Store: Ruby helps Candi at the candy store, but unfortunately she gets to know the candies tastes a little too good.

23 "Max's Checkup / Max's Prize / Space Max" Louise, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader James Backshall / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall October 30, 2003
Max's Checkup: Louise and Ruby play doctor. Max is chosen as the patient, but he wants to play with his markers.

Max's Prize: Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet. Max finishes a box of cereal to get a prize, just the thing Ruby needs to complete her charm bracelet.Space Max: Ruby, Valerie, and Louise are going to make a float for the Bunny Scout Parade, but Max wants to play spaceman.

24 "Ruby's Figure Eight / Ruby's Surprise Party / Ruby's Tent" Roger, Valerie, Louise, Katie, Bunny Scout Leader John Slama / Briane Nasimok / Kate Barris April 13, 2004
Ruby's Figure Eight: Ruby and Louise go ice-skating and try to make figure-eights while Max wants to play hockey with Roger and the other boy bunnies.

Ruby's Surprise Party: Max is sent to look out for Louise approaching her surprise party, but Max keeps making false alarms, almost spoiling Louise's surprise.Ruby's Tent: Ruby and Valerie want to make a tent to earn a Bunny Scout merit badge, but Max gets in the way playing Super Bunny.

25 "Ruby Writes a Story / Max's Dominoes / Grandma's Attic" Morris, Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Grandma Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / James Backshall April 20, 2004
Ruby Write a Story: Ruby wants to write a story, but Max wants to play cowboy, which later helps Ruby with the beginning of Ruby's story.

Max's Dominoes: Max and Morris both want to play dominoes as Louise and Ruby try to practice a hospitality meeting. The dominoes prove to make a terrific welcome for the Bunny scouts.Grandma's Attic: Max is curious to look inside a treasure box in Grandma's attic, but Ruby thinks he's not allowed to. Max finds the key to the treasure box in a shoe and Grandma shows them something special inside.

26 "Max's Thanksgiving / Max's Pretend Friend / Fireman Max" Grandma, Froggy, Louise, Bunny Scout Leader Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall May 3, 2004
Max's Thanksgiving: Max wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. By the time Ruby has finished decorating, Max has eaten all the stuffing and is too full to have Thanksgiving dinner.

Max's Pretend Friend: Ruby thinks that Max has a pretend friend when Max plays with Froggy and Ruby can't see him.Fireman Max: Max is playing Fireman while Ruby and Louise practice Bunny Scout Jump Rope.

Season 3: 2007-08[edit]


  • Rebecca Peters replaced Samantha Morton as the voice of Ruby.
  • The season premiered after a three-year hiatus.
  • No new characters are introduced in this season.
  • Max becomes the official mascot of Ruby's Bunny Scout troop in this season.
  • This is the last season to be produced by Nelvana.
  • This is the final season where Billy Rosemberg voices Max.
# Title Guest characters Written by Original airdate
27 "Ruby's Easter Bonnet / Max's Easter Parade / Max and the Easter Bunny" Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Unnamed girl Model Rabbit, Martha, Valerie, Froggy, Grandma Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris September 18, 2007
Ruby's Easter Bonnet: Ruby is making an Easter Bonnet for the Bunny Scout Easter Bonnet contest, while Max tries to teach Froggy to hop like a bunny.

Max's Easter Parade: Ruby is decorating Easter Eggs but Max wants to see an Easter parade. Ruby explains that there is no Easter Parade, and asks Max to take each egg as she finishes it and puts it in a basket to show Grandma.Max and the Easter Bunny: The Bunny Scouts are doing the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Max plays the Easter Bunny hiding the same eggs many times, so that Egg Hunt starts again.

28 "Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance / Ruby's Bird Bath / Super Max Saves the World" Louise, Roger, Grandma, Bunny Scout Leader, Morris Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall September 18, 2007
Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance: Ruby and Louise try to learn the Hippity Hip-Hop Dance, while Roger teaches Max how to play american football and Ruby and Louise see that Max and Roger's victory dance is the Hippity Hip Hop Dance.

Ruby's Bird Bath: Ruby makes an environmentally-correct birdbath for a Bunny Scout merit badge, but Max keeps putting bath toys in it.Super Max Saves the World: Max (as Super Bunny) and Morris (as Zoom-Zoom) pretend to be superheroes while Ruby and Louise make a science project or cut it?

29 "Ruby Delivers / Getting Crabby at the Beach / Max Babysits" Grandma, Rosalinda, Baby Huffington, Mrs. Huffington Patrick Granleese / John Mein / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe September 18, 2007
Ruby Delivers: Ruby must make and deliver some fliers for Bunny Scout cupcakes. Max thinks that his toy planes are "fliers" which help in Ruby's task.

Getting Crabby at the Beach: Ruby collects seashells, but doesn't notice when Max tries to tell her about some mischievous crab. However the crab has dug them a tidal pool.

Max Babysits: Max and Ruby go to the Huffingtons' house to look after Baby Huffington, who seems to like noisy toys instead of gentle sounds. NOTE: This is the first episode to have a segment (Getting Crabby at the Beach) take place at the beach, second was the eighth episode of this season in the segment: Ruby's Sandcastle.

30 "Max's Fire Flies / Max and Ruby's Fashion Show / Ruby's Sing Along" Louise, Grandma, Valerie Patrick Granleese / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / James Backshall September 18, 2007
Max's Fire Flies: Max wants to catch fireflies while Ruby and Louise decide to see the Fourth of July fireworks.

Max and Ruby's Fashion Show: Ruby and Louise start their own fashion show, Max dresses up as a pirate. Grandma thinks his pirate outfit is great in the fashion show and tops it off with a plastic parrot.Ruby's Sing Along: Ruby wants to sing and play the piano at the same time for a talent show. Ruby doesn't think his wind-up toy animals can sing, until they help out with a song called "Max and Ruby Had a Farm".

31 "Ruby's Safari / Max's Mud Bath / Max's Lost Lizard" Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Grandma James Backshall / Patrick Granleese / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe September 18, 2007
Ruby's Safari: Ruby and Louise go on a safari, but Max scares them with his animal toys. By chance, they take a picture of a hummingbird.

Max's Mud Bath: Ruby and Louise have set up the beauty shop again, with Max as their customer, but Max just wants to play in the mud.Max's Lost Lizard: Ruby and Louise worry when their chameleon is gone from its case, while Max enjoys watching it change color and patterns.

32 "Surprise Ruby / Ruby's Birthday Party / Ruby's Birthday Present" Grandma, Louise, Valerie, Martha, Froggy Kate Barris / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese September 18, 2007
Surprise Ruby: It's Ruby's birthday. Ruby awaits a surprise party at their home, but Max makes off with her birthday princess tiara.

Ruby's Birthday Party: Ruby's friends throw her a birthday party at Grandma's house. Max wants cake but Ruby insists they must play some party games first.

Ruby's Birthday Present: Ruby opens her birthday presents and saves the pretty wrapping paper. Max tries to wrap a gift for Ruby, but gets stuck in the wrapping paper making him the perfect gift. NOTE: This is a special three-part episode where the story of the first segment continues onto the following two.

33 "Ruby's Puppet Show / Sugarplum Max / Max's Ant Farm" Louise, Grandma, Valerie, Martha Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese September 18, 2007
Ruby's Puppet Show: Max attempts to get a role in Ruby and Louise's puppet show of Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Sugarplum Max: Ruby and Louise practice Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, while Max tries various attempts to get a sugarplum.Max's Ant Farm: Max and Ruby are on a chase to get Max's ants back in the ant farm, before Ruby's party guests notice.

34 "Ruby's Loose Tooth / Ruby Scores! / Ruby's Sandcastle" Grandma, Louise, Roger James Backshall / James Backshall / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe September 18, 2007
Ruby's Loose Tooth: Ruby loses a tooth and can't find it. In the end it's in her cupcake.

Ruby Scores!: Ruby tries to play soccer, but Max's robots are in the way.Ruby's Sandcastle: Ruby wants to make a sandcastle, but Max wants to go swimming.

35 "Grandma's Berry Patch / Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade / Ruby's Detective Agency" Grandma, Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Valerie, Martha James Backshall / Kate Barris / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe September 18, 2007
Grandma's Berry Patch: Max and Ruby pick raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries so Grandma can make her special surprise berry recipe.

Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade: Ruby and Louise paint a banner for their Bunny Scout parade, while Max's interruptions help them progress.

Ruby's Detective Agency: Grandma has a surprise for Ruby, but before Ruby can go to Grandma's house she must solve the mystery of Mrs. Quack's disappearance. NOTE: At the end of Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade, Ruby & Louise choose Max to be their troop's official mascot. This explains why Max who despite being a boy is able to join Ruby and her Bunny Scout troop in various Bunny Scout activates such as the bunny scout camping trips in later episodes as he is simply fulfilling his role as the bunny scout troop's mascot, as the official bunny scout mascots are supposed to attend all bunny scout events such as parades and camping trips as a symbol of good luck as explained by Louise's reading of the bunny scout handbook in this episode.

36 "Max's Rocket Racer / Max and Morris Blast-Off! / Max's Candy Apple" Louise, Candi (cameo), Rosalinda, Mr. Huffington, Mr. Piazza, Morris, Bunny Scout Leader, Valerie, Martha, Roger, Patrick Granleese / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Kate Barris September 18, 2007
Max's Rocket Racer: Max wants to go on Mr. Piazza's Rocket Racer ride, but Max is below the required height line, so he tries many ways to look taller, until Mr. Piazza gives him an alternative ride.

Max and Morris Blast-Off!: Ruby and Louise make preparations for Bunny Scout Leader's birthday. The meeting gets that extra special touch when Max and Morris "help".Max's Candy Apple: At the East Bunny Hop Fall Fair, Ruby insists she and Max participate in some races first to win a prize, but Max has his sights set on a candy apple

37 "Max and Ruby's Bunny Tales" Grandma, Louise, Froggy James Backshall / Patrick Granleese / James Backshall October 26, 2007
Little Ruby Riding Hood: Ruby wants to deliver Cookies to Grandma's House, but Max wants to eat them, so Ruby tells him the story of Little Red Ruby Hood and the Big Max Wolf.

Max and the Beanstalk: Max is not to keen on his dinner: Green beans. Ruby tells him a tale about how Beans are good for him.

The Froggy Prince: Ruby and Louise are putting on a fairy tale show while Max is playing with Froggie. NOTE: This is a special episode labeled "Max and Ruby's Bunny Tales" where all three segments feature a fairy tale story told.

38 "Max and Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin / Max's Jack-O-Lantern / Max's Big Boo!" Mr. Piazza, Valerie, Mr. Huffington, Roger (non-speaking), Grandma, Louise, Valerie, Martha, James Backshall / John Slama / Patrick Granleese October 29, 2007
Max and Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin: Max and Ruby search for the perfect Halloween pumpkin in Mr. Piazza's store. Each time Ruby selects a pumpkin, Max distracts her and the pumpkin is bought by someone else.

Max's Jack-O-Lantern: Max and Ruby dress up for a Halloween party at their home. Ruby tells Max to design a pumpkin face for Grandma to carve, but Ruby insists it must be a happy, smiley pumpkin.Max's Big Boo!: Max and Ruby prepare to go trick-or-treating. Max tries every method to scare Ruby, but Ruby knows all his tricks.

39 "Grandma's Present / Max and Ruby's Christmas Tree / Max's Snowplow" Grandma, Mr. Huffington, Roger Kate Barris / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / James Backshall December 7, 2007
Grandma's Present: Ruby wants to buy a boa for Christmas, but Grandma buys it for Ruby and Max buys Grandma some cowboy gear.

Max and Ruby's Christmas Tree: Ruby wants to put some ornamental decorations on the Christmas tree, but Max wants to hang up toys. Ruby forgets to put the star on top, but Max takes care of that.Max's Snowplow: Ruby tries to shovel the snow off the lawn to make room for Grandma to get to their house, but Max's toy car turns out to be easier.

40 "Max's Snow Day / Max's Snow-Bunny / Max's Mix Up" Grandma, Louise, Morris Kate Barris / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / John Slama January 25, 2008
Max's Snow Day: Max wants to go outside in the snow, but there's a blizzard!

Max's Snow-Bunny: Max tries to find out if the abominable snow bunny is real.Max's Mix Up: Max wants to continue sledding, but Ruby wants to play dress up with her dolls. When Louise and Morris come over, he sees that Morris is sledding at the same time Ruby is going to play dress up with her dolls. So,Max switches his snow clothes with Morris.

Season 4: 2009-10[edit]

  • This is the first season to be produced by 9 Story Entertainment.
  • Tyler Stevenson replaces Billy Rosemberg as voice of Max.
# Title Guest characters Written by Original airdate
41 "Grandma's Treasure Hunt / Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle / Ruby's Recital" Louise, Grandma Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese / Shelly Huffman and Rob Pincome October 4, 2009
Grandma's Treasure Hunt : Ruby and Louise are going on a treasure hunt set up by Grandma. Max wants to make it a pirate treasure hunt.

Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle: Ruby is assembling a jigsaw puzzle, but Max's wind-up lobster steals a piece. Max chases it all over the house to get it back.Ruby's Recital: Ruby's Grandma calls up Ruby and suggests a recital in the garden. Ruby can't find an instrument she wants to play, but then finds out the recital is for her.

42 "Ruby's Homerun / Ruby's Missing Tune / Ruby's Handstand" Louise, Valerie, Martha, Roger, Unnamed boy rabbit (Non-Speaking), Grandma, Bunny Scout Leader James Backshall / Patrick Granleese October 5, 2009
Ruby's Homerun : Ruby and her friends are playing baseball. This is Ruby's first time playing and it seems Max and his toy airplanes aren't making the game any easier.

Ruby's Missing Tune: Ruby and Louise are practicing their ballet that they're going to have for Grandma. Max would rather play in his race car. When he accidentally rips Ruby's radio, he helps them with the music, causing Ruby to remember the tune she forgot in the song.Ruby's Handstand: Ruby and Louise are working to earn their gymnastics badge and in order to earn it, they have to do a handstand for five whole seconds. Max wants to play on the swings.

43 "Ruby's Rainbow / Home Tweet Home / Max's Mudpie" Grandma, Louise, Louise Moon / Bernice Vanderlaan / Kate Barris October 6, 2009
Ruby's Rainbow: Ruby is trying to make a rainbow painting for Grandma, but Max keeps trying to get her to go outside.

Home Tweet Home: Ruby and Louise are making a birdhouse, but Max keeps asking for snacks.Max's Mudpie: Max wants to make a mudpie. Ruby wants him to stay clean, because Grandma's coming over with a treat.

44 "Max Saves the Parade / Max's Big Kick / Ruby's Horn of Plenty" Grandma, Louise, Roger Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / James Backshall / Kate Barris October 11, 2009
Max Saves the Parade: Ruby and Louise are making a float for the Fall Fun Festival Parade. Max and Roger are as well, but when both pairs clash, Max and Roger decide to combine the floats into one.

Max's Big Kick: Roger is teaching Max how to kick a football while Ruby and Louise make a leaf collage, but somehow the park doesn't seem big enough for the four of them.Ruby's Horn of Plenty: It's the fall and Ruby is picking vegetables to decorate her Cornucopia, but Max would rather eat them instead.

45 "Ruby's Snow Bunny / Ruby's Snowflake / Duck, Duck, Goose" Roger, Grandma, Louise, Valerie James Backshall / Patrick Granleese / Bernice Vanderlann November 28, 2009
Ruby's Snow Bunny: Ruby and Max have made a beautiful snow bunny. Now Ruby has to find somewhere safe from the tobogganing.

Ruby's Snowflake: Ruby has made snowflake cookies for herself, Max and Grandma. She decorates them while trying to keep a determined Max from takes one for himself.Duck, Duck, Goose: After a game of duck, duck, goose in the park with Max, Ruby, Louise and Valerie look for some winter birds, which Max finds first but Ruby just thinks he wants to keep playing the game.

46 "Ruby's Good Neighbor Report / Candy Counting / Ruby's New Shoes" Grandma, the Huffingtons, Mr. Piazza, Katie, Candi, Louise, Morris, Super Bunny Unknown / Rose Tovain / James Backshall December 1, 2009
Ruby's Good Neighbor Report: Ruby is writing a report for Bunny Scouts about good neighbors; she asks various neighbors who she should write about and finds her subject: Max.

Candy Counting: Ruby and Max go to Candi's store. Ruby tries to count a jar of gummy worms to win it, while Max interrupts her.Ruby's New Shoes: Ruby, Max and Grandma are at the shopping mall for the shoe sale. Max desperately wants to see his favourite TV Show character Super Bunny making an appearance in the store.

47 "Max's Balloon Buddies / Ruby's Penny Carnival / Ruby's Big Win" Louise, Valerie, Grandma, the Huffingtons, Morris (cameo), Roger Piazza Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Bernice Vanderlann / Patrick Granleese December 3, 2009
Max's Balloon Buddies: Max and Ruby are at the fair. Mr. Huffington gives Max a balloon animal but he keeps losing it.

Ruby's Penny Carnival: Ruby and her friends are having a penny carnival to make money for a field trip, but Max would rather hold a haunted house instead.Ruby's Big Win: Ruby and Max go to a nearby fun fair. Ruby wants to win a goldfish, by shooting a basket ball through a hole, but she keeps failing her tries and wastes her tickets on trying to win, but however Max wins many prizes, but when he wins his last prize and Ruby has one last chance to win the goldfish he intentionally runs into Ruby causing her to shoot the ball into the hole, and Ruby wins her goldfish. Max then finds his prize useful for Ruby's fish bowl.

48 "Ruby's Gingerbread House / Max's Christmas Passed / Max's New Year" Louise, Grandma Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / Kate Barris December 30, 2009
Ruby's Gingerbread House: Ruby and Louise are trying to build a Gingerbread House, but Max and his gummy worms keep getting in the way, sometimes scaring the girls.

Max's Christmas Passed: As Christmas passed, Ruby is sad, but intends to clean up the decorations, but Max has a surprise in store for Ruby.Max's New Year: Max and Ruby go to Grandma's House for New Year's Eve. Max wants to eat cookies before midnight, and Ruby must stop him.

49 "Max's Castle / Bunny Hopscotch / Max's Grasshopper" Louise, Hoppy the Grasshopper, Bunny Scout Leader Kate Barris January 4, 2010
Max's Castle: Ruby and Louise are making a castle made out of blocks, but Max keeps on adding more and more blocks.

Bunny Hopscotch: Ruby and Lousie are trying to play hopscotch, but Max keeps annoying them by using stones.Max's Grasshopper: Bunny Scout Ruby and Bunny Scout Louise are trying to measure the bean plants, when Max has a grasshopper named Hoppy. This gave Ruby and Louise an idea.

50 "Ruby's Real Cinderella / Ruby's Hula Hoop / Max and the Martians" Grandma, Louise, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Louise Moon January 20, 2010
Ruby's Real Cinderella: Ruby and Louise are playing Cinderella. A particularly messy Max wants to play but the girls won't let him. When Grandma comes over with the glass slippers, only Max's paws fit them.

Ruby's Hula Hoop: Louise is trying to teach Ruby how to use a hula hoop, but Max and his wind-up bugs keeps distracting her.Max and the Martians: Louise, Valerie are stargazing for Mars to earn their Astronomy badge from Bunny Scout Leader. Max releases a horde of wind-up Martians and ends up helping the girls out.

51 "Super Max's Cape / Ruby's Water Lily / Max Says Goodbye" Louise, Valerie, Martha, Grandma, Roger, the Huffingtons Louise Moon / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris January 22, 2010
Super Max's Cape: In the park Mr. and Mrs. Huffington ask Max and Ruby to watch their Baby for a bit. Max wants to play Super Bunny, while Ruby thinks they should play quietly, but Baby Huffington wants to play Super Bunny too.

Ruby's Water Lily: Ruby, Louise, Martha and Valerie are showing Grandma their synchronized swimming routine, while Roger Max takes swimming. Max's water toys hinder the girls' practice, but help with their final routine.Max Says Goodbye: Ruby and Max are going to Louise's for the whole day. Ruby gives Max a backpack for the toys he wants to take with him and tells him he has to say goodbye to the rest. After rushing around the house saying goodbye to the toys he's not taking, Grandma shows up and offers to stay home with Max to play pirates together. so he says goodbye to Ruby instead.

52 "Max and Ruby's Bunny Tales 2" Grandma, Louise, Valerie James Backshall January 28, 2010
The Princess and the Marbles: Ruby tells Max the story of The Princess and the Marbles after Max interrupts Ruby's princess game.

Emperor Max's New Suit: Ruby and Grandma takes Max to the store to get him a new suit, but he doesn't want one. Ruby tells him the story of Emperor Max's New Suit to get him to try on some clothes, but it doesn't quite have the effect she was hoping for.

Max and the 3 Little Bunnies: Ruby, Louise and Valerie are playing with paper dolls, but Max tears their house with his blimp toy. Ruby tells him the story of The Big Max Wolf and the 3 Little Bunnies and Max uses his blimp to make a new house out of toy bricks. NOTE: This is the second "Max and Ruby's Bunny Tales" episode where all three segments feature a fairy tale story told.

Season 5: 2011-13[edit]

# Title Guest characters Written by Original airdate
53 "Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree / Max's Christmas Present / Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol" Grandma, Louise, Mr. Huffington, Audience Kate Barris / Shelby Hoffman / Kate Barris December 10, 2011
Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree: Ruby wants to find the perfect Christmas tree at Santa's Tree Rent

Max's Christmas Present: When it comes to Christmas presents, Max knows who to ask...Santa! While Ruby makes Christmas tree decorations.Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol: Max is in charge of ringing his little bell while Ruby, Louise & Valerie are caroling, but Max rings the big bell, calling the whole town to watch the carolers.

54 "Max Says Hello / Ruby's Spa Day / Ruby's Tai Chi" Louise, Grandma, Valerie, Bunny Scout Leader Kate Barris / Andrew Sabiston / Paddy Granleese January 23, 2012
Max Says Hello: Ruby picks Max up from Grandma's house and the two return home following Ruby's playdate at Louise's house, Max wants to say hello to and play with his toys, but Ruby tells him to put them away before Louise comes over to continue her and Ruby's playdate at Max & Ruby's house.

Ruby's Spa Day: Ruby makes her own spa for her and Louise, but Max wants to play his drum, which keeps interrupting the girls.Ruby's Tai Chi: Ruby tries to practice Tai Chi with her friends to earn a Bunny Scout Martial Arts badge, but Max's toys are interfering.

55 "Ruby Gets the Picture / Ruby's Birdie / Max Plays Catch" Stick the stick insect, Louise, Roger, Grandma Andrew Sabiston / David Dias / David Dias January 24, 2012
Ruby Gets the Picture: Bunny Scouts Ruby and Louise get unexpected help from Max and his new animal friend Stick in their hunt for an unusual insect.

Ruby's Birdie: Max's rocket launches interrupt Ruby's quest to achieve her best in badminton.Max Plays Catch: Max's game of catch with Roger threatens to ruin Ruby's garden party with Grandma!

56 "Ruby's Bedtime Story / Ruby's Amazing Maze / Max's Nightlight" Louise, Valerie, Martha, Bunny Scout Leader, Mrs. Huffington Patrick Granleese / Andrew Sabiston / Paddy Granleese January 25, 2012
Ruby's Bedtime Story: Ruby wants to finish reading her bunny version of the Nancy Drew books, but Max keeps stopping the story.

Ruby's Amazing Maze: Ruby is making a maze for Grandma, but Max's train keeps getting in the way.Max's Nightlight: On a camping trip, Max needs a nightlight - and he gets one in an unexpected & beautiful way!

57 "Max's Sandwich / Max's Ice Cream Cone / Ruby's Art Stand" Louise, Roger, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Mr. Piazza, Rosalinda, Clara, Katie, Grandma John Slama / Dave Dias / Paddy Granleese January 26, 2012
Max's Sandwich: Ruby loves trying the exotic food at the multicultural fair, but Max just wants a sandwich.

Max's Ice Cream Cone: Ruby wants to make a special treat for Grandma, but Max keeps using the ingredients.Ruby's Art Stand: On a hot summer day, Ruby wants to sell her art, while Max wants to stay cool.

58 "Picture Perfect / Detective Ruby / Superbunny Saves the Cake" Grandma, Rosalinda Meghan Read / Paddy Granleese / Craig Martin February 13, 2012
Picture Perfect: Ruby needs Max to stop making silly faces so they can take a picture for Grandma.

Detective Ruby: To track down her missing toys, Ruby becomes Nancy Drew, while Max's lobster provides a clue.Superbunny Saves the Cake: Ruby is baking a cake for Grandma, meanwhile, Max gives a revamp to his Super Max ego.

59 "Max and Ruby's Bunny Tales 3" Grandma, Louise, Valerie Craig Martin / James R. Backshall / James R. Backshall February 14, 2012
The Bunny Who Cried Lobster: Ruby doesn't believe who took her cake. She tells Max the tale of the "Bunny Who Cried Lobster".

Max and The Three Bears: Max is uninvited to Ruby's Pajama party. She tells him the tale of "Max and the Three Bears".

Little Ruby Hen: Max isn't helping Ruby. She tells him the tale of "The Little Ruby Red Hen". NOTE: This is the third "Max and Ruby's Bunny Tales" episode where all three segments feature a fairy tale story told.

60 "Ruby's Bird Walk / Max Goes Fishing / Ruby Tries Again" Bunny Scout Leader, Louise, Mrs. Huffington, Valerie Patrick Granleese / Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris February 15, 2012
Ruby's Bird Walk: Max keeps trying to eat the popcorn that Ruby and her friends need to attract birds and earn a Bird Watching Badge.

Max Goes Fishing: While Ruby tries to earn her Canoeing Badge during a canoeing competition, while Max wants to fish and tries to catch a "Big One!"

Ruby Tries Again: Ruby must build a campfire to earn a Scout Badge, but Max's tire swing gets in the way! NOTE: All three episodes take place during Ruby's Bunny Scout Troop's Camping Trip to Loon Lake. Max also joins her on the trip due to his role as her troop's official mascot.

61 "Max's Ride / Max on Guard / Ruby's Real Tea Party" Grandma, Queen of Buckingham Palace Meghan Read / Patrick Granleese / John Slama February 16, 2012
Max's Ride: Ruby wants to see everything on her trip to London, England. Max just wants to go on the rides.

Max on Guard: Max is on a mission to make a Royal Guard smile outside Buckingham Palace, while Ruby hopes to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

Ruby's Real Tea Party: Ruby hopes to see the Queen at a tea party at Buckingham Palace in London. NOTE: This is a three-part episode where Ruby, Max, and Grandma go on a trip to their world's version of London, England.

62 "Ruby's Earth Day Party / Ruby's Earth Day Checklist / Max's Duck Day" Valerie, Louise, Roger, Grandma, Buuny Scout Leader Kim Thompson / Patrick Granleese / Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe April 21, 2012
Ruby's Earth Day Party: Ruby wants to host a perfect Earth Day Costume Party, but Max wants to get dirty.

Ruby's Earth Day Checklist: Ruby wants to do everything on her Earth Day checklist.Max's Ducky Day: While Ruby helps clean up the park for Earth Day, Max finds a way to help a duckling get back to its mother.

63 "Grandma's Birthday / Max's Hand Print / Grandma's Surprise Dance" Grandma, Louise, Mr. Piazza, Roger, Rosalinda, Mrs. Huffington, Mr. Huffington Andrew Sabiston / Katherine Standford / Kim Thompson May 11, 2012
Grandma's Birthday: Ruby wants to surprise Grandma on Grandma Appreciation Day.

Max's Hand Print: Ruby wants to make a print of Max's hand for Grandma.Grandma's Surprise Dance: Ruby wants to throw Grandma a beautiful waltzing dance party.

64 "Engineer Max / Max's Toy Train / Max's Train Ride" Grandma, Mr. Huffington, Mrs. Huffington, Morris (cameo), Froggy Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe / James R. Backshall / Kate Barris May 14, 2012
Engineer Max: Ruby wants to get Max to Grandma's house for a special surprise.

Max's Toy Train: Ruby wants to get ready for a sleepover at Grandma's.Max's Train Ride: Max is excited about riding on a train, but Ruby ensures that he doesn't board the wrong train.

65 "Max's Kite / Max's Beach Ball / Ruby's Limbo" Grandma, Valerie, Louise, Martha, Roger, Mr. Huffington, Mrs. Huffington ames R. Backshall / James R. Backshall / Andrew Sabiston June 1, 2012
Max's Kite: Ruby wants to learn how beach volleyball is played. Max just want to fly his kite.

Max's Beach Ball: Max and Ruby are visiting the beach today! Ruby wants to makes a seashell necklace. Max just wants to play with his beach ball.Ruby's Limbo: Ruby wants to win the limbo contest at the beach, while Max just wants to play with his flying saucer.

66 "Ruby's Diorama / Ruby's Croquet Match / Ruby's Huff and Puff" Bunny Scout Leader, Louise, Valerie, Mrs. Huffington, Roger Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe / Patrick Granleese / Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe October 9, 2012
Ruby Diorama:

Ruby's Croquet Match:Ruby's Huff and Puff:

67 "Max's Pinata / Ruby's Movie Night / Doctor Ruby" Louise, Roger, Clara, Mrs. Piazza, Grandma John Slama / Anita Kapila / Patrick Granleese October 10, 2012
Max's Pinata: Ruby gets Max to pick a souvenir from the All-Round The World Fair, but Max wants a go on hitting a pinata.

Ruby's Movie Night: Ruby invites Louise to her movie night and Max just wants to eat popcorn.Doctor Ruby: Ruby gives Grandma a check-up and gives her milk and cookies, and Max just wants to eat cookies, so he uses marker to put dots on his face so he can have cookies.

68 "Ruby's Tower / Ruby's Juice Bar / Max's Tree Fort" Louise, Grandma, Roger, Bunny Scout Leader Carol Commisso / Carolyn Hay / Andrew Sabiston October 11, 2012
Ruby's Tower: While it's raining outside, Ruby is building a tower while Max wants to find some things that "bounce".

Ruby's Juice Bar: Ruby and Louise are opening up a juice bar while Max wants to make music.Max's Tree Fort: Max and Roger are building a tree fort while Ruby and Louise are taking pictures of animals.

69 "Max and the Magnet / Ruby's Parrot Project / Max's Spaghetti" Grandma, Rosalinda, Pandora, Mr. Piazza Carol Commisso / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese October 12, 2012
Max and the Magnet: Ruby makes a special brooch for Grandma, but Max's magnets cause her some interference.

Ruby's Parrot Project: Ruby tries to teach Rosalinda's parrot, Pandora, to talk, but Max's toys get in the way.Max's Spaghetti: Ruby and Max make Grandma's kitchen look like an Italian restaurant, while Max wants to eat spaghetti before Mr. Piazza comes.

70 "Ruby's Autograph / A Toy for Baby Huffington / Max's Big Dig" Louise, Candi, Bunny Pavlova, Rosalinda, Mr. Piazza, Katie, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington Patrick Granleese / Kim Thompson / Patrick Granleese October 22, 2012
Ruby's Autograph: Ruby wants to get an autograph from Bunny Pavlova, while Max just wants to have a slice of pizza.

A Toy for Baby Huffington: Ruby and Max look for toys for Baby Huffington. Max wants to give him a robot, but Ruby insists to give him a safe one, and he ends up making his on robot.Max's Big Dig: Max, Ruby and Louise look for dinosaur bones.

71 "Max and Ruby's Train Trip / Go to Sleep Max / Conductor Max" Grandma Kate Barris / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese October 23, 2012
Max and Ruby's Train Trip:

Go to Sleep Max: Max wants to go in Ruby's upper berth in the sleeper car, Ruby mistakenly believing he wanted to stay up.Conductor Max: Max helps other passengers as he tries to get back Ruby's greeting card he lost in the conductor's hat.

72 "Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery / Ruby's Toy Drive / Max and Ruby's Big Finish" Grandma, Bunny Scout Leader, Louise, Valerie, Mr. Huffington, Mrs. Huffington, Mr. Piazza, Clara, Rosalinda, Roger, Katie Patrick Granleese / Kate Barris / Kate Barris October 24, 2012
Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery:

Ruby's Toy Drive:Max and Ruby's Big Finish:

73 "Ruby's Memory Quilt / Lights,Camera,Ruby! / Ruby's Ping-Pong Record" Louise, Grandma Anita Kapila / Patrick Granleese / John Slama October 25, 2012
Ruby's Memory Quilt: Max wants to play cowboy while Ruby and Louise create their memory quilt.

Lights,Camera,Ruby!: Louise is making a film about Ruby for Grandma, while Max does some tricks which get caught on camera.Ruby's Ping-Pong Record:

74 "Ruby & The Beast / Max and Ruby's Halloween House / Max's Trick or Treat" Grandma, Valerie, Louise, Mr. Piazza, Mrs. Huffington, Baby Huffington, Katie, Clara, Rosalinda Meghan Read / James R. Backshall / Kate Barris October 26, 2012
Ruby & The Beast:

Max and Ruby's Halloween House:Max's Trick or Treat:

75 "Max and Ruby Give Thanks / Max Leaves / Ruby's Fall Pageant" Louise, Valerie, Mr. Huffington, Mrs. Huffington Andrew Sabiston / Garner Haines / Kate Barris November 19, 2012 Guest Chara
Max and Ruby Give Thanks:

Max Leaves:Ruby's Fall Pageant: Ruby, Louise and Valerie act as the four seasons for the Fall pageant. However, when Martha, who is supposed to play Spring, falls ill, the girls desperately try to find a replacement for her.

76 "Ruby's Big Case / Ruby's Rhyme Time / Max's Library Card" Louise, Bunny Scout Leader, Mr. Huffington, Grandma, Valerie, Martha Anita Kapila / Kate Barris / Patrick Granleese January 28, 2013
Ruby's Big Case:

Ruby's Rhyme Time:Max's Library Card:

77 "Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day / Ruby's First Robin of Spring / Grandma's Geraniums" Grandma, Louise, Valerie, Mr. Huffington, Mrs. Huffington, Mr. Piazza, Roger, Baby Huffington James R. Backshall / Talyana Terzopoulos / Andrew Sabiston January 30, 2013
Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day: Ruby and Max leave food for a groundhog, but the groundhog is only eating the food that Max is leaving behind.

Ruby's First Robin of Spring:Grandma's Geraniums: Ruby is trying to plant geraniums in Grandma's garden, but Max keeps taking items that Ruby needs for planting, so that he can come up with his own surprise for Grandma.

78 "Space Bunny / Max's Sprinkler / Max's Pogo Stick" Louise, Valerie, Martha, Grandma, Mrs. Huffington James R. Backshall / Patrick Granleese / Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe February 11, 2013
Space Bunny: Ruby goes to Grandma's attic to get some things to finish her Scrapbook, while Max plays with space toys.

Max's Sprinkler: Max wants to play with the sprinkler while Ruby and her friends are having a summer fashion show.Max's Pogo Stick:

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