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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an American-Canadian children's animated TV series, created by Lauren Faust. The show currently airs on Treehouse TV for the Canadian version.


Twilight Sparkle is a smart, studious young unicorn who wants to learn all she can about magic. She’s sent to the village of Ponyville to bond with 5 ponies and quickly learns that the magic of friendship is the most important magic of all.
— Treehouse TV website



  • Twilight Sparkle –
  • Rainbow Dash –
  • Pinkie Pie –
  • Rarity –
  • Applejack –
  • Fluttershy –
  • Spike –


Season 5

# Title Airdate
21 Scare Master October 24, 2015 [1]

Season 6

# Title Airdate
18 Buckball Season September 18, 2016 [2]
19 The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

September 17, 2016 [3]

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