Oddjobbers is a patchville of are police.


Bob & Bitz (voiced by Marc Slik) - A two Oddjobbers with silly gorgeous girl named Mia that some slow with tools and Old school not to mention that the two jobber.

Mia (voiced by Maria Darling) - A sister that from Oddjobbers in Noddy in Toyland.

Huxley (voiced by Duncan Weiss) - A magic bee color purple

Proffesor Osimo (voiced by Marc Silk) - is Bob and Bitz's friend.

Manic (voiced by Maria Darling) - is is a female goat. Has light orange ears with blue eyes wears a purple-blue shirt with not white buckle on belt, with blue sparkle fishy pants with white shoes. from Oddjobbers, Oddjobbers Opening theme and Manic Mien Carts (episode), Billy the Kid (episode) and The Golden Toolbox (episode)

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