Radical Sheep Productions is a company, also called The Sheep Shop.


Radical Sheep Productions logo has the handwriting of Radical Sheep Productions under 2 words: Radical Sheep.

Note: Low to High. It all depends on what you think of the lamb bleat.

New Logo Makeover

In this one, the logo got a makeover. This time, we see a gray sheep with orange wings and the text "Radical Sheep" written below, with Radical, in a furturistic font, and sheep, between 2 curved lines.

Note: The "Baa!" Noise might startle people.

Soundbite Information and Molly Variant Easter Egg

You can hear a Soundbite over the website. Also, the "Molly" variant is an EASTER EGG! And it's RARE! But even though the soundbite DOES exist, the "Molly" variant is an easter egg and it's very difficult to find since it only appeared in one episode of The Big Comfy Couch.

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