The Animals Pet
Author Michael Alexnder
Illustrator Jake Wayne
Publication date Friday, 12 1997
Publication Order
Preceded by
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The Animals Pet is an canadian animated television series produced by Shaw TV


  • R. Conway is a first youngest white sweet as nixon moon with eyelashes.
  • Dr. Geoffrey is a second youngest black.
  • Ming Ming is third youngest duck
  • Shaw is a fourth white father.
  • Sister is a fifth black sister with eyelashes.
  • Frogbird is a sixth green frog little birdy.
  • Marie is a seventh white sweetest kitten.
  • Pumpkin is a eighth white poodle.


Season 1 (1997)

  1. King Dom Never / R. Conway goes to school / Frogbird flying in the sky
  2. Advantix/Rescue adventures/School Pet
  3. Book/Reindeer to the Rescue/Bright Idea
  4. To the Rescue/Fire Truck/The Tiny Tany Dinosaur
  5. Ming Ming, la Quinceanera/Being A Big Cheese is Cheesy/The Mystery of the Missing Tower
  6. The Mission of the Lost Turbo/Video Game/Instruments of all the missing fork
  7. A fork, and a new spoon all weekends/Action Camp/Snow Princess
  8. Paint Job/The Moose Sing/The Penguin Song
  9. Camp Hide-Out/R. Conway's Manners/Granny Nanny Goat
  10. Pizzeria/Miss Bunny's brother/Secret City
  11. Ant/Say Please/Let's Get to big something and make a friend to play the other wonderland
  12. Toilet/Hunters/Big Sleepover
  13. Shush, it's a noisy monster/The Missing Cheese/Hooray did today?

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