The toy castle
The Toy Castle is a children's television show that aired in Canada on Treehouse TV. It was produced from 2000-2003 by Sound Venture Productions. It was inspired by the Christmas movie The Tin Soldier. The stories are about a group of toys in a toy castle that magically come to life when the children are asleep. This series won a Gemini Award for "Best Preschool Series.


The Toy Castle is a show about a group of toys that magically come to life when their children are asleep. When the children wake up, the toys dash around until they are back in their former positions. Each episode consists of three story lines, in which the toys all dance around the castle and get in to situations which the viewer may relate to.

===Season 1 (2000)===

September 4, 2000

===Season 2 (2001)===

September 3, 2001

===Season 3 (2003)===

June 27, 2003

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