Wee 3

Wee 3 is a television show produced by Treehouse TV it is about three monsters named Bunwin, Pook, and Creakie

It started January 30 2001 to 2011.


3 Little Monsters Bunwin,Pook and Creakie come out from hiding and play different games in a child's bedroom, when no one is around. Danielle was here yay wee 3

List of Wee 3 Episodes

  • Color Me/Tea Party
  • Fuzzy Valentine/Suprise Party
  • Secret Spy/Fancy Ladies
  • All Know it Fairy/Egg
  • King Creakie/Double Twins
  • Candy Compettition/Magic Farm
  • Birthday Cake/Cation Over the Moon
  • Pookerassic Park/Better
  • Talking Toy/Deep Dark Woods
  • Circus/Sleepless Sleepover
  • Creakie's Birthday/Pook's School
  • PPOOUUII/Home Sweet Home
  • Three Captains/Pookasaurus
  • Frog and the Storm/Close Call


  • Bunwin - is an orange monster . Her home is the shelf drawer. Her favorite toy is Dolly
  • Pook - is a purple monster . His home is the closet. His favorite toy is Magic Racer
  • Creakie - is a blue monster. His home is under the bed. His favorite toy is Cheep Cheep

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