Zack & Quack is an American children's television series airing on Nick Jr. The series has never aired on the Nickelodeon base channel (including its preschool block).


The show follows the lives of Zack and his best friend Quack (who happens to be a duck). All locations are set inside a pop-up book.


  • Zack is the main character and a boy with brown hair. His best friend is Quack.
  • Quack is a blue duck and the only character who does not talk. Despite this everybody can understand his quacking.
  • Kira is an African-American girl with curly hair who can fix anything...with a little paper and glue, that is.
  • Hop and Skip are two squirrels.
  • Fluffy is a hedgehog.
  • Belly-Up is a bullfrog.

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